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Create your family registration, add your students, choose classes and pay online! Already have an account? Use this link to log in, edit family and student info, check the schedule, add more classes and more. Please read the information below regarding what can and cannot be done using the online enrollment process!

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Just want to see what classes are offered? Search using this online tool. If you click on a class you will have the option to also register and enroll. 
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Customers may also pay with check when completing enrollment in person

Here's what you can do online!
  • Enter and edit your Family information
  • Change your e-mail(s) and on-line registration password.
  • Add Students and edit Student information.
  • View and search the class schedule.
  • Enroll Students in classes (to complete enrollment, you must accept our terms, which are clearly displayed during this process and also available for reading or download (HERE).
  • View the classes currently enrolled in and see dates of any canceled classes, make-up classes, and scheduled drop-in classes.
  • Drop from an enrolled class, but ONLY if enrolled SAME DAY.
  • Drop wait-listed classes anytime.
  • View current balance due.
  • Enroll in a Payment Plan
  • Enter a Promotion code to receive a special discount
  • Enter and edit payment information.
  • Make payments.
  • Enroll in a recurring payment plan.
  • View your charge and payment history.
  • Receive e-mail receipts anytime a payment is processed to their account.
  • Return anytime (with e-mail/password) to do any of the above.
What you CANNOT do:
  • Enroll in PLACEMENT (PL) classes - your instructor will make arrangements for this enrollment. These are noted as (PL) on the class title, and includes the phrase ""Placement by Instructor" as the pre-requisite on the online schedule. Using the online schedule, place your mouse over the course of interest and an informational pop-up box will appear with more course details
  • Enroll in Pay per Class (PPC) courses, such as Ballroon. In these cases, you pay the instructor directly, and Class Act does not take registration or enrollment for these. These classes are noted with the :D designation on the download-able schedule and PPC Pre-req designation on the online schedule. Using the online schedule, place your mouse over the course of interest and an informational pop-up box will appear with more course details
  • Delete family or student records (you must contact the business office to have your information deleted).
  • Drop enrolled classes if you did not enroll the same day (you must contact the business office to have classes dropped).
  • Drop from make-up or trial classes.
  • Change payment plans (you must contact the business office to have payment plans changed or removed).
  • Pay with a Check online
Forgotten your login or password?
  • Use the "Forgot your password?" link to reset your password if your e-mail address is on-file.
  • If your e-mail address is not in the system, then please contact the office to add it before you can use the "Forgot your password?" option to access your account.
Payment Plans:
  • You may choose to pay only the next charge, setup a monthly recurring automatic pay or pay a specific amount beyond the base charge.
  • If you choose the automatic payment plan, recurring payments are posted monthly. You must call the office to change your plan - this is not available on line. If the student drops the class, the office must be notified with two weeks notice in writing. NO REFUNDS/CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN FOR CLASSES DROPPED MID MONTH. NO EXCEPTIONS. Read/download the full student enrollment agreement HERE.
For billing or payment support: billing@classactdance.com
For general support: info@classactdance.com

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