Tap for Everybody

Dancers of all ages will find a fun and stimulating approach to this classic dance form. Class Act is proud to have instructors like Nancy Beckett, Taylor Santero and Katie Moffatt with a strong heritage in the flat-footed-hoofing of Broadway, Hollywood and the Los Angeles music industry. Proudly hosting guest instructors such as Aaron Williams, Class Act has a commitment to the vibrancy of Tap as it thrives today.

So whether you have a little one, new to tap, a master tapper, or just want to brush-off your shoes and start again, we're sure you'll find a tap class just right for you!

Intro Tap (Beginning) Wednesday 3:30
Students ages 5 and up, learn the fundamentals of tap for the first time with upbeat music and positive encouragement. Each student receives one-on-one attention as well as group instruction to assure proper training in tap basics. Attire: Comfortable clothes or dance clothes that allow freedom of movement, tap shoes.

Tap 1 (Placement) Friday 4:30
Students ages 7 and up, with some exposure to tap learn the fundamental combinations known world-wide. A variety of music is used to encourage response to the beat. Counting the beat and understanding proper anticipation so that steps are begun and continued in unison is a consistent goal. While this Level 1 class requires structure and discipline, students learn through laughter and creativity as they do repetitive drills as teams and independently. Attire; Comfortable clothes or dance clothes that allow freedom of movement, tap shoes.t

Tap 2/3 (Placement) Friday 5:30
Student 8 and up, with at least two years of tap are encouraged to try this Level 2 tap class. (Teacher will evaluate for most successful placement.) Students will find a fast paced environment where expectations are significantly increased from Level 1 in clarity and speed. All basic combinations are reviewed, with variations added for additional challenge. Primary focus of this class is precision and unity.

Beginning Teen/Adult Tap (Thursday 6:30 pm)
Int/Adv Adult Tap (Thursday 9:30 am)
Tap is a wonderful way to stay active and energetic.  We explore different music styles and work on full body movements.  Look out Fred Astaire, here we come.

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