Mission Statement

 "It is the mission of Class Act Dance and    Performing Arts Studio
to provide high quality instruction in dance   and performance by offering the best training in a variety of programs to students of all    ages with a passion for the performing arts."

Core Values

Class Act Dance and Performing Arts Studio is committed to creating an ENVIRONMENT where students and educators are trained under these standards:
  • The best interest of the student prevails
  • Consistent quality is provided
  • A well rounded foundation in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap is necessary for dancers to flourish
  • Variety will be offered without compromising quality
  • We will provide a healthy learning experience where the JOY of dance and performance is found throughout.
  • Dance and performance have no age preference
Class Act Dance and Performing Arts Studio seeks STUDENTS with these attributes:
  • Passion for their art
  • A positive attitude, accepting constructive criticism
  • Respect for instructors, staff, and fellow students
  • A personal NEED to dance or perform, absent of entitlement

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